Luca Taylor | November 6, 1990 | AU

"Umh, hello--", he waved, "I am Luca, and pretty new around here. I just moved from Sydney, and I'm in need of friends. So, I'd appreciate if you guys could help me out a bit?"


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[she waved a hand, smiling;] Hello, Jinah.

Nice to meet ya. Name’s Youngjae. Any reason why a pretty lady’s come to talk to me?


I’ve spotted you! And you know what that means? A new friend. 

Do me a favor and help me spot out more friends by doing two very simple things. Either Reblog ? Or if you’d want, you can Like it but that won’t help much, don’t you think? Be the sweet person I know you can be and help this lonely girl out! 

Thank you so much! I’ll stop your ask and drop off something lovely.

XOXO, Nana

junhong being the cutest thing that there ever was


I know. I’m sorry. *clings to you like a koala* Let’s do something now.

Partly my fault too since I’ve been real busy. {/pats your head} Like what?


Yes sir! *pets your head* I bet you missed me too.

Good. {/grins} Yeah, I did honestly. We haven’t hung out in so long.


Let’s make sure to do something, then. Either stay in or go out, doesn’t matter to me. We can rent a movie and order in— seems a bit more us, doesn’t it?

Doing shit indoors is always an us thing— seeing as we’re both lazy fucks. We could order in pizza. Extra cheese for me, pineapples for you and extra garlic for both of us!

chjnhngxblueblood replied to your post “*waits for you to pay attention to me*”

*snuggles you* Hello favourite hyung!

{/snuggles back} Did you miss me?